College of Liberal Arts



One of UT Austin’s six core values is Leadership — the will to excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible. The core of Liberal Arts leadership experiences is anchored in service to the community, the College, and other students. And it is these opportunities that allow Liberal Arts students to explore their own strengths, discover new pathways to their future, and build upon the exceptional communities within the College, University, and city of Austin.

Student Organizations

There will always be a need for strong, ethical leadership; it’s a quality that employers want, and our society needs. A Liberal Arts education allows students to discover their leadership talents, and in turn use those talents to bring out the best in others. Student organizational leadership builds skills in management, decision-making, teambuilding, and more. Check out HornsLink ( to discover all that student groups at UT Austin have to offer.

Liberal Arts Council

Liberal Arts Council (LAC) represents the interests of students in the College of Liberal Arts. LAC serves as a link between students and the College administration, faculty, and professional world. Through a variety of programs, lectures, and events, the LAC works to build community and create a smaller college experience at a large university.

Texas Phanos

Texas Phanos is a leadership organization that consists of some of the most outstanding undergraduate students within the College of Liberal Arts. Members are selected to represent the College in various capacities, including recruiting and fundraising events, assisting with official College activities, and serving as student representatives to alumni and other stakeholders.