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Research is not only about uncovering new knowledge through exploration and investigation, for students it can be an opportunity for self-discovery, to explore interests and gain new skills. Students can create their own pathways, pursuing undergraduate research opportunities with various levels of support and structure. Undergraduate students who conduct research often have higher GPAs and are better prepared for graduate school or post-graduate careers.

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Opportunities Portal (UROP)

Students and professors often search out research partnerships, but these occur on a more individualized basis. To support the wealth of opportunity in Liberal Arts, UROP serves as a meeting place to match you up with faculty members with similar research interests.

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP)

The term "apprenticeship" captures the sense of mentorship this program cultivates between faculty and their student apprentices. This reciprocal relationship based on mentoring, experience, and learning allows both you and your paired faculty member to enrich your research experience in the College of Liberal Arts. Students earn course credit and a small stipend.

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Chapter for Research (LAUNCH)

LAUNCH is a network of individual students, both involved in research and not, who meet to support undergraduate research opportunities. LAUNCH promotes research initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts by providing you with opportunities to work with professors, pursue your own research initiatives, or write your honors thesis.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF)

This fellowship is funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) program provides support for specific scholarly research projects conducted by full-time UT Austin undergraduate students enrolled in any department. These fellowships are intended to cover costs associated with academic research projects proposed and written by student applicants under the supervision of a faculty member.

2018-19 Important Dates and Deadlines

September 30 Undergraduate Research Fellowship fall deadline
November 30 URAP spring 2019 Application Deadline
Mid-January Undergraduate Research Fellowship spring deadline
Mid-January Undergraduate Research Fellowship spring deadline
Mid-April Undergraduate Research Week
April 26 URAP Spring Deadline