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Letter from Dean Carter

Dean Mia Carter

Dean of Student Affairs Mia Carter
Photo: Matt Wright-Steel, the Texas Exes

Student Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts serves our undergraduate students from its sixty-plus majors and minors, research centers, and programs. All Academic Advising, the Office of Student Success, and Liberal Arts Career Services (LACS) make up the heart of Student Affairs. Our multifaceted staff is dedicated to helping Liberal Arts and Humanities students to own and proudly adhere to the values of the Humanist disciplines, some of which are lucid speaking and writing; research and analysis; fact and evidence-based argumentation; cultural breadth and depth; flexibility and adaptability; multilingualism; historical and social acuity; philosophical and spiritual inquiry; and civic dedication.

Before they arrive on The University’s Forty Acres, Liberal Arts advisors welcome CoLA students with comprehensive orientation support, and counsel students as they advance through their major and minor degree plans. The College’s Care Counselors teach students to recognize their inherent resiliency and maintain well-being as they achieve. Liberal Arts Career Services’ course to career support includes helping students to gain access to internship and service learning opportunities, and to refine resumes and prepare for interviews; LACS also offers students guidance for graduate and professional school admissions.

We are the home of two distinguished honors programs: the interdisciplinary Plan II Honors Program and Liberal Arts Honors. Most of the College’s Departments offer students the opportunity to conduct independent research with faculty members who are renowned in their specializations and fields. Several Merit Awards and Research and Study Abroad Scholarships are disbursed by the College of Liberal Arts. These include the Rapoport Service Scholarship, the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Award, the Randy Diehl Prize in Liberal Arts, and the Dean’s Distinguished Graduates.

Our Student Division staff conducts final year degree audits, and prepares students for commencement and graduation. They also organize Explore UT, the annual public event that welcomes the citizens of Texas to the campus, and highlights the College’s and University’s research culture and its traditions of excellence.

The College of Liberal Art’s faculty, advisors, and staff are committed to celebrating CoLA students, while enabling them to fluently speak about the Liberal Arts and Humanities’ multiple currencies of value. The mission of the Student Affairs is to guide students as they navigate their roles from students, to citizens and professionals. We are so glad you are here.