College of Liberal Arts

LA 101: Liberal Arts Creating Academic Pathways

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What is LA 101?

New UT Austin students often have many questions regarding college, including how the University works, what life will be like as a student, how to plan for a successful future, and how to make the most of their time on the 40 Acres.  

LA 101P is a one-hour online and in-class discussion course designed to help new students in the College of Liberal Arts successfully transition to UT Austin. The course teaches students how to:

  • Discover the robust resources UT Austin has to offer
  • Understand the value of a Liberal Arts education
  • Identify the skills necessary for achieving goals and being successful 

Topics include study skills, time management, CoLA/University resources, and professional communication. Students will also learn about co-curricular activities including internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, civic engagement, independent study, resume writing, diversity, wellness, and career preparation. 

The LA 101P Classroom

One of the most important goals of LA 101P is to help new students acquire all the campus know-how of a typical senior. To accomplish this, the in-class portion is facilitated by staff members in the College of Liberal Arts who have training and expertise with  the multitude of campus resources available to students. Time is limited during orientation, so LA 101P will build on the tips for success that were shared there. The classes are small (less than 25 students) and guest speakers from all over the University will be invited to share information about a variety of campus programs. 

LA 101P Online

Each week, students are given access to online content including videos, self-evaluation tools, reflection activities, and more. These modules will help students get the most out of academic advising, provide tips for getting to know professors, and share tools for exploring all the College of Liberal Arts has to offer. 

For questions regarding LA 101, please contact Phil Butler.