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Liberal Arts Recognizes Advisers

Thu, Apr 26, 2012

Liberal Arts Recognizes Advisers

On March 9, during a retreat for academic advisers in the College of Liberal Arts, several advisers and committees were recognized for their contributions to the College.  The anonymous Libby Committee collects nominations from other advisers and selects the winners.  One award – that for “Outstanding Adviser” – is coordinated by Liberal Arts Council and comes from student nominations.

Awards of Weird and Wonderful, given for unusual experiences with students

Jay Brown, Psychology

Jo Anne Huber, Government


Awards of Appreciation

Team Leaders for Research on Improving Four Year Graduation Rates

Othell Ballage, Jana Cole, Megan Conner, Kim Krieg, Liz Hastings, Brad Humphries, Jo Anne Huber, and Nancy Sutherland


Certification Committee

Summer Cacciotti, Delissa Lee, and Gabe Lopez


Advising Excellence (nominated by advisers for advisers)

Christine Fisher, Spanish and Portuguese

Stephen Wong, Student Division

Jessica Cochran, Linguistics


Outstanding Advisers (coordinated and nominated by Liberal Arts Council)

Calina Coakwell, Geography

Summer Cacciotti, Student Division 

Courtney Lockhart, Anthropology


Adviser of the Year

Othell Ballage, Student Division


Distinguished Service to Advising

Jo Anne Huber, Government


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