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The Best of 2013

Mon, Jan 6, 2014

It’s impossible to comprehensively capture the vitality of The University of Texas at Austin. But we’re giving it a shot with this year-in-review, starting with the 13 most-read stories of 2013.

It just so happens that this collection covers much of what makes the Forty Acres special: generous contributions that will expand our educational capacity (#1, #8, #9); the very best teachers in the state (#2, #13); students, young (#2, #3) and even younger (#5), embarking on grand adventures; and marvelous discoveries that literally change our understanding of the universe (#11).

It’s been an unforgettable year — here’s to many more to come.


UT’s 13 Most Popular Stories of 2013

1. Dells’ Foundation Invests $50 Million in UT Med School
The Dell Medical School, as it will be known, is one of several investments the Dell family foundation has made at UT and in Central Texas.

2. 68 Must-Read Books for Incoming Students
On Aug. 27 incoming students will meet some of their professors for the first time during Freshman Reading Round-up, a campus-wide book club. Need a read? Get the list here.

3. Class of 2013: What Starts Here Changes the World (Seriously)
Meet some outstanding members of the Class of 2013: After watching each video you’ll have no doubt that Longhorns are world-changers. Hook ‘em!

4. The Truth About Bevo and 9 More UT Facts
In honor of the inaugural Longhorn Traditions Week, learn about the greatest UT legends.

5. Welcome to Campus, Everyone!
It’s time for Explore UT 2013! Come on down to the Forty Acres and dive into a learning adventure. Check out the schedule of activities and join us March 2.

6. The Psychology of Home Decor
Is your bedroom scattered with laundry? Adorned with photos? Do you and your partner have equal closet space? Read more about what couples’ homes reveal.

7. President Encouraged by the Supreme Court’s Ruling
President Bill Powers responds to Supreme Court decision on UT Admissions policy. Read the full statement here.

8. Rowling Family Gifts $25 Million to McCombs School of Business
Rowling Hall will house business school graduate programs, expand teaching and meeting facilities at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center; add 525 new parking spaces.

9. Gates Opens Building, Talks Health
Bill Gates spoke with students for the opening of the Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall. Read more.

10. Five New Career-Boosting One-Year Degrees
What can you learn in a year? Plenty, it turns out. New one-year, highly specialized master’s degrees allow students to get in, learn a lot and leave with in-demand skills. Learn more.

11. Astronomers Discover Farthest Known Galaxy
Steven Finkelstein led a team of researchers who confirmed that Galaxy z8_GND_5296 is the farthest and earliest galaxy ever discovered. Learn more about this landmark finding.

12. High-Tech Tattoos Redefine Health Care Solutions
Bio-integrated electronic tattoos, which cling to the skin without adhesive and transmit vital signs wirelessly, are part of a health care revolution. Read more.

13. 26 Faculty Members Honored for Teaching Excellence
The 2013 winners of the Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards will be honored Wednesday for dedication to innovation in undergraduate instruction. See the list of 26 winners.

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