College of Liberal Arts

Q&A: Andrew Wilson, Liberal Arts Council President

Wed, Mar 19, 2014

Andrew Wilson, a Plan II Honors and history senior from Canton, Texas, has spent his final year at UT serving as president of Liberal Arts Council.  He took the time to answer some questions about the LAC, why it’s important for liberal arts students to get involved and how the organization has changed during his term.

What is Liberal Arts Council?

Since 1979, the Liberal Arts Council has served as the official student voice for the College of Liberal Arts at UT Austin. Comprised of students with diverse majors and interests, LAC unites its members under the banner of representing and serving students. It accomplishes this goal by hosting various events aimed at professional development and academic enrichment for all liberal arts students. LAC also represents students as an official voting body in the overarching Senate of College Councils, a legislative student organization that addresses all academic concerns at the university.


To read the full Q&A, visit Life & Letters.

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