College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Council

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The Liberal Arts Council (LAC) at The University of Texas at Austin is a student organization that represents the interests of students in the College of Liberal Arts. Any student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts is eligible to become a member of the Council. LAC serves as a link between students and the College administration, faculty, and professional world.

Liberal Arts Council also serves as one of the 18 councils from across UT Austin that form the Senate of College Councils.

Through programs, lectures, and events, the Liberal Arts Council works to build community and diversity within the College and create a smaller college experience at a large university.

All students within the College are eligible to apply. If you have any ideas for the Council or questions about our upcoming opportunities for membership, please contact the LAC President.


The LAASO Program stands for Liberal Arts Affiliated Student Organizations, a designation providing admitted student groups with the opportunity to receive a higher tier of funding from the College of Liberal Arts. Eligible organizations must strengthen the cultural, professional, and/or academic environment of the College and its students. The resulting connections continue the mission of a well-rounded liberal arts education. Click here for more details.