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Required Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications
Duties and Responsibilities
Selection Process
Application Instructions
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Texas Phanos is a student organization that consists of the most outstanding current undergraduate students within the College of Liberal Arts. Members are selected to represent the College in various capacities, including recruiting and fundraising events, assisting with official College activities, and serving as student representatives to alumni and other stakeholders.

Required Qualifications

  • Full time enrollment in the College of Liberal Arts as an undergraduate
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Ability to accommodate daytime, evening, and weekend service opportunities
  • A professional demeanor
  • Strong organization skills and attention to details
  • Ability to work on a team
  • Demonstrate passion for Liberal Arts education and a commitment to the College of Liberal Arts

Preferred Qualifications

  • Hold a leadership position(s) in other student organizations
  • General working knowledge of the College of Liberal Arts (majors, departments, student resources, etc.)
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships with students, faculty, staff, and alumni

Duties and Responsibilities

Members of Texas Phanos should represent the best of the College of Liberal Arts and its many departments. The responsibilities of members include but are not limited to:

  • Participation in leadership development, communication, and professionalism training and workshops
  • Assist with College organized activities during Family Weekend, Explore UT, and
    Longhorn Excellence and Discovery Day
  • Participate in fundraising events like 40 for 40 and Thanks Day
  • Promote the ideals of a Liberal Arts education
  • Promote opportunities for other students to be engaged in College activities
  • Attend weekly trainings/meetings
  • Assist the college in other outreach efforts to prospective students, families, alumni, and other external audiences
  • Complete a minimum of 15 hours of service to the College a semester


Students who are selected to join Texas Phanos will benefit in numerous ways. For example, through their training and outreach efforts, they will develop valuable networking, leadership, and communication skills. They will meet alumni and other friends of the College who may serve as future network ties.
Also, by working on behalf of the College, they will interact with faculty and staff in new ways that will give them more insight into the College and how it functions. Finally, their service to the group will enrich their Liberal Arts education with skills that will help them better appreciate and make use of their undergraduate experience.

Texas Phanos members also receive:
  • $250 award each semester of their first year in the program (minimum of 15 hours of service required)
  • Members who take on a leadership role may be eligible to receive a $500 award per
    semester in their second or third year of membership (minimum of 30 hours of service per semester required)
  • An appreciation luncheon with the dean and selected guests
  • Clothing and accessories that denote membership in Texas Phanos
  • Texas Phanos medallion to wear at graduation ceremonies

Selection Process - Spring '20

1. Applications were made available in February, and will be due March 1, 2020.

2. The application requires at least one letter of recommendation (preferably from a Liberal Arts faculty or staff) and a personal statement that highlights your Liberal Arts involvement and leadership activities

3. The most qualified applicants will be interviewed by a committee of Liberal Arts staff and current Texas Phanos members

4. The new cohort will be selected in early March 2020. There will be a welcome event and training will begin immediately.

Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions carefully when composing and submitting your application. Failure to follow instructions may result in your application being withdrawn by the selection committee. You should have your Letter of Recommendation and Personal Statement ready before starting the application.

Part I: Application Form

Please fill in the application form online.

Part II: Letter of Recommendation

Upload a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member in .pdf format.

Part III: Resume

Please upload your resume in .pdf format.

Part IV: Personal Statement

Please provide a personal statement explaining what a Liberal Arts education means to you. Please do not exceed 500 words. 

Part V: Short Answer Questions

Please provide brief answers to the following short answers question in the text box:

Pretend it is National Liberal Arts Education Day, and you have been tasked by the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin to craft a 280-character tweet about the value of a Liberal Arts education. What would your tweet be?

How have you worked to expand the definition of what it means to be a College of Liberal Arts student? Please include your campus involvement and extracurricular activities. Please do not exceed 200 words.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 5pm CST on March 1, 2020. Membership applications will only be accepted online.

If you have any questions about Texas Phanos, please contact Phil Butler.