College of Liberal Arts

Course Load Reduction

A Course Load Reduction (CLR) is an accommodation offered through the office of Services for Students with Disabilities. The CLR process allows a student to drop a course(s) for non-academic/disability-related reasons. SSD reviews the Course Load Reduction application and supporting documentation and, if supported, makes a recommendation for the College to drop the course. Approved CLR dropped courses will be counted as non-academic Q-drops and will result in a Q on a student’s transcript.

Students interested in pursuing a CLR should meet with a Dean’s Office advisor to initiate the process. The deadline to submit CLRs is always 2 weeks prior to the last class day of the semester.

Course Load Reduction Accommodation

For students registered with SSD, the accommodation of a course load reduction (CLR) is generally defined as maintaining full-time status while being registered for fewer than twelve (12) hours for undergraduate students, and fewer than nine (9) for graduate students in a given semester.  CLRs are approved on a semester-by-semester basis, and students are encouraged to arrange this accommodation early in the registration process. Students approved for CLR and registered with SSD will not be penalized by part-time status in policy and program areas under University control; however, auxiliary services (such as federal financial aid, personal insurance, non-University sponsored scholarships, etc.) may be affected.