College of Liberal Arts

Current Semester Withdrawal

Once classes begin, if a student decides to drop all of his or her classes, it's considered a withdrawal. Students are advised to initiate the withdrawal process as soon as possible, if that's their intent. Depending on the timing of the withdrawal, students may be eligible to receive a prorated refund. The refund schedule can be found in the Course Schedule.

To initiate a withdrawal, students must visit the Dean’s Office to meet with an advisor and complete the pre-withdrawal checklist. After meeting with an advisor, they can pick up the form at the peer desk. International students, students on financial aid, and students enrolled in another college must also seek approval from these respective offices. A withdrawal by a student on scholastic probation may affect the student's scholastic standing. Withdraws appear on the student’s record with a symbol of “W” assigned to each course.

The deadline to withdraw is the midsemester deadline in the fall/spring semesters (and last class day in the summer). Students are encouraged to withdraw in person; however, if unable to do so, they can initiate the process over the phone by calling the Dean’s Office at (512) 471-4271.

After the midsemester deadline, students may be eligible to use the One-Time-Exception to withdraw, or appeal to withdraw for urgent, substantiated, nonacademic reasons.


If, before the first class day, a student decides not to attend after registering and paying for an upcoming semester, they may request a cancellation of their registration by contacting the Dean’s Office. If they have registered but not paid, this process can be completed online via the Registrar’s website.