College of Liberal Arts

Medical Withdrawal

An ill student whose illness precludes class attendance may pursue a current semester withdrawal through the Dean’s Office until the midsemester deadline. After the midsemester deadline, requests for a semester withdrawal for medical reasons will be processed by University Health Services; and requests for a semester withdrawal for mental health reasons will be processed by Counseling and Mental Health Center.

Before submitting a medical withdrawal application, students must visit the Dean’s Office to meet with an advisor and complete the pre-withdrawal checklist and the advisor section of the application. International students, students on financial aid, and students enrolled in another college must also seek approval from these respective offices. A withdrawal by a student on scholastic probation may affect the student's scholastic standing.

The deadline for submitting medical withdrawal application is the last class day of the semester.

All withdraws appear on the student’s record with a symbol of “W” assigned to each course--there is no distinction between a medical withdrawal or any other type of withdrawal.