College of Liberal Arts

University Extension

University Extension (UEX) provides a range of educational opportunities to UT Austin students, as well as members of the Austin community and beyond. Courses offered by University Extension do not require UT Austin admission, but are comparable to the courses taught on campus, in UT Austin classrooms, to UT Austin students.

Each course has met the approval of UT Austin academic departments, and each course is taught by UT or UT-approved instructors. Because these courses do not require UT Austin admission, it is not considered in-residence, but do count towards the in-residence GPA for UT Austin students.

UEX offers the following flexible course options and formats to individuals seeking college credit from UT Austin:

  • Semester Courses: These courses are offered on campus or online and follow the same academic calendar begin/end dates as UT Austin. These courses are not available to students on scholastic dismissal.
  • Self-Paced Courses: These courses are self-paced online distance learning classes that students may enroll in at any time, from any place. Students have up to five months to complete the course.

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before registering for a course through UEX to ensure the course will fulfill the desired requirement and will not duplicate with any prior coursework.