Texas Archeological Research Laboratory


TARL Collections curates artifacts and related material from over 8,000 sites. Our extensive lithics collection includes stone tool assemblages as well as chipping debris and ground stone objects. The pottery collection has over 4,000 complete vessels and millions of pottery sherds. Perishable items of basketry, plant fibers, wood, shell, and bone are also major parts of our holdings. Archeological samples of charcoal, ethnobotanical (plant) remains, shell, and soil samples are also housed at TARL.

The TARL collections are utilized for research by staff, faculty and students at the Department of Anthropology, and scholars outside The University of Texas system. Specific collections are frequently the topics of MA theses and PhD dissertations. Researchers from throughout the United States routinely study TARL’s collections from new perspectives and with newly-developed methods. Re-examining old collections and reinterpreting sites excavated long ago is one of the main reasons that we take such care of our archeological collections

For more information on our collections, please reach out to our Head of Collections.