Texas Archeological Research Laboratory

Human Osteology

Human Remains

The following documents and forms pertain to research involving human remains housed at TARL:

Policy for Access to Human Remains (download PDF file)

This document explains TARL's policy for access to human remains for analysis and sampling. All access to human remains requires documentation of consultation submitted with the Request for Access form. A processing fee will apply. 

Guidelines for Research Involving Human Remains (download PDF file)

This document lists stipulations and requirements for research that involves human remains. It must be read, agreed to and signed prior to accessing human remains at TARL.

Application for Destructive Sampling or Analysis (download PDF file)

This form must be completed to gain access to human remains for destructive sampling or analysis.

Marybeth Tomka, Head of Collections | marybeth.tomka@austin.utexas.edu | 512/475-6853

Annie Riegert, Curatorial Associate/Osteologist | annie.riegert@austin.utexas.edu