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Every day, TARL works to protect and document archaeological sites, collections, and historic records. TARL provides important educational opportunities to students so they can build their future careers, and ensures that millions of artifacts are cared for, that new sites are documented correctly, and that new research can be done. 

We need your help! 

Membership in the Friends of TARL is a way to show your support for the work at TARL, sustain research through vital financial contributions, and stay connected with what’s new in Texas archaeology. The Friends of TARL Member benefits include: 

  • Invitations to TARL events; 
  • Discounts on TARL merchandise; 
  • Subscription to our new quarterly e-newsletter. 

Join the Friends of TARL today as a Regular Member (one-time gift of $50 or just $4.17 per month for 12 months) or a Pedernales Member (one-time gift of $100 or $8.33 per month for 12 Months). 

Sign me up! Regular Membership–Recurring  

Sign me up! Pedernales Membership–Recurring 

Special memberships are also available for current Students ($20) and Retirees ($30). Students who join will be eligible for Friends of TARL scholarships. Higher tier memberships are also available; see membership tiers below. Follow the instructions below to sign up as a Student, Retiree, or a higher tier member. 

Sign me up! One-Time Gift 

Instructions for one-time gifts: 

  • Follow the One-Time Payment link above. 
  • Ensure that the space labeled “Gift Area” reads “Liberal Arts, College of.” 
  • Choose “Texas Archeological Research Laboratory” from the next drop-down menu, labeled “Sub Department.” 
  • Enter your desired gift amount. The minimum to become a Regular Member is $50. Student memberships are $20 and Retiree memberships are $30.  
  • In the Special Instructions box, please specify if you are a Student or Retiree. If you are a current UT graduate or undergraduate student, please enter your EID. If you are a currently enrolled student at another university, please list your university. 
  • Click “Continue” to complete your payment information and submit your membership. 
  • Thank you for joining the Friends of TARL! 
Of course if you just want to make a donation without joining the Friends of TARL, any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated.