Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies
Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies


The Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies (TILTS), is a premier initiative sponsored by the Office of the President, the Vice-Provost, the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of English of The University of Texas at Austin. An international, multidisciplinary professional program, TILTS focuses on the dynamic range of scholarly activity in the arena of literary and textual based studies, broadly conceived. Just as the concepts of "the literary" and "textual" are broadly inclusive, the subject matter of the Institute ranges from traditional works such as Shakespeare's plays, Dickens's novels, and Neruda’s poems, to folk and popular literature, such as Hughes’s blues lyrics and the figure of La Llorona in graphic fiction, down to things people do not usually think of as texts at all: paintings and illustrations, television and film, buildings and gardens, even digital media in virtual environments. TILTS includes the impressive array of scholarly activity by the members of the English department faculty at Texas, expanding traditional definitions of English and American literature, from editing and bibliography and the study of the book as a material object, through to historicist and generic approaches to poetry, fiction and non-fiction prose, to the study of the languages in which texts are written, formalist analysis of those texts, and the study of texts in relationship to other cultural productions.

The principal mission of TILTS is to enrich the intellectual life of participating faculty and students at the University, along with faculty and students from other scholarly institutions and endeavors. The Institute functions year-round, offering specialized lectures, seminars, workshops and performances for faculty and students as well as public lectures for the entire local and University community. TILTS draws on the strengths and talents of the University of Texas at Austin’s distinguished faculty in the Department of English, showcasing the wide-ranging expertise of its faculty as well as that of distinguished scholars beyond UT’s borders. The Institute also showcases the magnificent holdings of the university's libraries and archival centers, especially the Harry Ransom Humanities Center’s Research Collection and the Benson Latin American Collection.

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