Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies
Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies

Phillip Barrish

Phillip Barrish, the Tony Hilfer Professor of American and British Literature at UT, is the author of American Literary Realism, Critical Theory, and Intellectual Prestige, 1880-1995 (Cambridge UP, 2001); White Liberal Identity, Literary Pedagogy, and Classic American Realism (Ohio State UP, 2005); and The Cambridge Introduction to American Literary Realism (Cambridge UP, 2011). His current research explores fictional representations of health-care systems in the United States from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Brian Bremen

Brian A. Bremen is an Associate Professor in the English department, specializing in American Literature, Modernism, the Digital Humanities, writers of the Harlem Renaissance, and Literary Theory. He is currently at work on a book that examines the ways in which contemporaneous religious and scientific thought interacted in the formation of Modern literature, tentatively called What Was Modernism (and Does It Still Matter)?

Lily Zhu 

(Web developer and designer)
Lily Zhu is a Ph.D. candidate in the English department studying the British novel in the long nineteenth century. Her primary research focuses on the invasive, foreign figure of the chemist across nineteenth-century fiction and modern video games. She is also developing a casual game criticism website, Culture Bytes Back.  

Thomas Nguyen

(Event organizer)
Thomas Nguyen is an undergraduate student studying neuroscience and creative writing, with hopes of one day going into psychiatry. He is also a published poet, and is especially interested in exploring the intersection between literature and medicine.

Cole Wehrle 

(Event graphics)
Cole Wehrle is a PhD candidate in the English department. His primary research focuses on the intersection narrative and Empire within the Victorian novel and how writers enlisted storytelling to capture complex temporalities. He is also a published game designer and developer whose games have been translated into three languages.


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