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Professional Development Awards for UT Foreign Language Instructors

2021 Professional Development Award Proposal Form Now Available

The Texas Language Center awards Professional Development award mini-grants to practicing language instructors—at any rank. Preference is given to projects that will have an immediate, measurable impact on students in UT language courses. 

Awards are available for use at any time during the period April 1 - August 31. Fill in the submission form with concise and complete information. The deadline for submissions is midnight January 31, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in COLA policies regarding policies, Professional Development awards can now only be spent on essential purchases. If you believe your intended expenditure could be deemed essential, we advise you get it approved in advance (no matter the dollar amount) by the Dean’s office. As in recent years, we are not able to compensate for your time. Award funds must be paid out as reimbursements for receipts presented. Receipts may be for purchases related to your research or projects. For example, books and materials, fees for professional conferences or workshops, museum admissions, professional organization memberships and travel expenses (meals, lodging, gas, flights, etc.) that have associated RTAs and are presented within 60 days.

Professional Development Awards 2020

The Texas Language Center is pleased to announce its Professional Development Award recipients for 2020! These awards are made to instructors of languages at UT who are seeking to develop new materials, courses, or methods for teaching their languages, or who would like to attend a conference or purchase materials in order to improve their teaching.

This year’s recipients, including graduate students, lecturers, and tenured or tenure-track faculty, are:

  • Jeannette Okur, Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern Studies - Effective Online Language Teaching
  • Alice McCoy-Bae, Lecturer in Asian Studies - Reading & Writing Focused Curriculum Development for Heritage Learners of Korean
  • Orlando Kelm, Associate Professor of Portuguese - Photo Database: Podcast about Brazilian Culture
  • Francesca Beretta, Lecturer in the Department of French and Italian - Teaching, playing and learning Italian with Gen Z
  • Victoriano Garre Leon, Assistant Instructor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese - 20th International Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning 
  • Yukie Aida, Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies - Self-Efficacy in Japanese Language Learning
  • Rebecca Kahane, Assistant Instructor in Classics - Teaching Complex Grammar Through Emotion
  • Heather Rice, Lecturer in the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies - ACTFL 2020
  • Midori Tanaka, Lecturer in Asian Studies - Bimojo Club
  • Andreanna Marchi, Assistant Instructor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese - The Development of Socialization Competence Among Learners of Brazilian Portuguese: An Investigation of Pragmatic Routines in a Study Abroad Environment
  • Yitskhok Gottesman, Senior Lecturer in Germanic Studies - Hasidic Yiddish Board Games
  • Jermani Ojeda Ludena, Assistant Instructor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese - Learning Spanish language producing digital storytelling
  • Junko Hatanaka, Lecturer in Asian Studies - Association of American Teachers of Japanese Annual Spring Conference 
  • Frane Karabatic, Lecturer in the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies - Developing Open Access Online Materials for Teaching Elementary Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Through Performance-Based Culture-Centered Instruction
  • Yichun Lin, Lecturer in Asian Studies - Utilizing Visual Elements to Enhance CFL Sentence Structure Learning
  • Pablo Reinoso-Andrés, Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese - Teaching Spanish language and culture through cinema, literature and art

Look for these exciting projects to be presented in next year’s Language Matters lectures series!


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