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Germanic Studies


The Department of Germanic Studies offers classes in six different languages, as well as multiple study abroad and scholarship opportunities.  The department offers a major in German, a minor in GSD (German/Scandinavian/Dutch Studies), and a certificate in German.

Germanic Studies at UT is also the home of the Texas German Dialect Project. Check out this video about it!


Visit the links, below, to learn more about the languages taught in the Department of Germanic Studies: Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Yiddish.


Learn about Danish at UT.

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Learn about Dutch at UT.

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Read more about Dutch at UT, and if you are interested in exploring more about Dutch, you might enjoy the BBC's Guide to Dutch.


Learn about German at UT.

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Read more about German at UT, and if you are interested in exploring more about German, you might enjoy the BBC's Guide to German.


Learn about Norwegian at UT.

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Learn about Swedish at UT.

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Learn about Yiddish at UT.

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Study Abroad

  • Annual, faculty-led summer program at the University of Würzburg. 
  • Study for a Semester or Year in Oslo, Norway.
  • Year-long studies in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Norway

Additional opportunities for study abroad in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can be found through UT's Study Abroad Office.


Summer 2021 Course Offerings

Germanic Studies is offering the following classes in Summer 2021

  • GER 506 Thinking of studying a language over the summer? Check out this video for why you should choose the most widely-spoken language in Europe!
  • GER 507 If you’ve taken German 506, check out this video to see what German 507 holds in store over the Summer semester.
  • GER 612 This video is an introduction to accelerated second year German. Offered over the long Summer session with Mr. Matt Sherman.
  • GSD f331C/EUS f347/CL f323 This video gives an overview of the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of the past hundred years, and an introduction to the study of films in general. These films will be viewed in the contexts of the director’s life, Scandinavian culture, and issues of film theory and aesthetics. Offered in the first Summer 2020 session with Dr. Lynn Wilkinson.
  • GSD F311C This video is an overview of the course “Movies Go To War”: this course will cover how to read films as part of cultural history and think critically about their content. Take a trip through cinematic battlefields to see how films have helped their audiences think about the roles of the world's superpowers in world contexts. Offered with Ms. Sabine Waas.