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Comparing Language Contact: Ethnic Identities in Speech Islands

with Dr. Michael Szurawitzki

Thu, September 20, 2018 | BUR 337

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This presentation by Dr. Michael Szurawitzki of Univesity of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg) will address a research project that deals with a comparative analysis of linguistic manifestation of ethnic identities among language island speakers of German. The underlying research question is how ethnic identity surfaces on both lexical and discourse levels. Using previous research, a relevant research gap is then indicated. This gap is to be filled using the underlying methodology of multi-layered discourse analysis as proposed by Spitzmüller and Warnke (2011), which comprises the intra-textual, actors’ and trans-textual levels. For each level, relevant analysis aspects are indicated. After that, the availability of digital corpora is discussed, since the project is set out to be based exclusively on digital corpora. A short conclusion with perspectives for further research, also in hence under-researched forms of language contact, forms the final part of the talk.


Sponsored by: Linguistics Research Center, Germanic Studies, Texas Language Center, Department of Linguistics

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