Digital Humanities Workshop

Multi-Media Monitoring System with Dr. Stephen Balfour

Thu, September 15, 2016 | Online in MEZ 4.144 (Computer Lab)

12:00 PM

As part of a Title VI grant, Texas A&M University has made its Multi-Media Monitoring System (M3S) available to assist instructors and students with language learning and research. The M3S ingests the satellite broadcast channel Russia-24 as well as channels in Chinese and Arabic. The video and audio is transcribed in the native script then translated into English, creating a video feed that is searchable with Boolean text strings. The M3S system has web and social media feeds that are integrated into searches so that researchers and instructors can study events, movements, and other phenomena through all three types of media. Dr. Stephen Balfour will provide workshop participants with accounts on the M3S, demonstrate it, and coach participants through creating a multimedia object that could be used in class. System Access is required; please sign up here before 9/12/16. 

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