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Harnessing Language, Region, and Culture Learning for an Uncertain and Culturally Complex World

Tales from the Front Lines

Mon, April 11, 2016 | CLA 1.302B, Glickman Center

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join us for a 2-hour presentation on intercultural communication with Dr. Robert R. Greene Sands, Director & Senior Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Culture and Language at Norwich University and Adjunct Professor, Security Studies and Defense Analysis

Language and culture are force multipliers for the Department of Defense.  Present and future missions entail far less conflict and far more language and cultural knowledge, skill and yes abilities to build and sustain partnerships and alliances in uncertain and risk-filled security environments with any number of culture groups speaking a variety of languages.  Dialects and knowing belief systems are just two of many examples where language and culture have become just as valuable as bullets and drones as the DoD and the US try to understand and influence what was once a bipolar world that has in the last decade or more turned into an environment where state actors have less impact than non-state actors.

This presentation will explore a synergistic approach to  promote greater capability to engage in a wide variety of missions, from partnership building and security assistance to humanitarian aid and disaster response.  The implications for this program and its initial successes will be considered as will be the disruptive technology to non-military language learning. 

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Sponsored by: Center for European Studies and the Texas Language Center

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