Learners' Perceptions of Characteristics of Effective Language Teachers

Dr. Azza Ahmad

Wed, April 18, 2012 | SAC 1.106

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Learners' Perceptions of Characteristics of Effective Language Teachers

In this era of standards and accountability, the criteria for effective teaching has  constituted a serious educational question. Thus, if educators and researchers are to understand the various dimensions of teacher effectiveness, it would seem felicitous to take students’ viewpoints into consideration.  This presentation is based upon the findings of a research study designed to explore the language learning experiences of college students.  The study represented an attempt to provide language learners a voice in expressing their perceptions of their language teachers through reflecting upon their language learning experiences in relation to their motivation. Two major findings will be discussed in this presentation:

(1) According to the participants, what are the most important characteristics that a language teacher should have?

(2) What are learners' perceptions of the nature of their best language learning experiences? 

Theories from educational psychology were incorporated to help in interpreting the data.  The results of this study helped in developing an educational model that encompasses learners' perceptions of effective language teacher.

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