Relations Between Constructions

Network Structure and Combinatory Mechanisms

Mon, November 28, 2016 | CLA 1.302B

3:00 PM - 2:30 PM

This talk with Benjamin Lyngfelt from the University of Gothenburg will discuss the following quote by Fillmore: 
"The grammar of a language can be seen as a repertory of constructions, plus a set of principles which govern the nesting and superimposition of constructions into or upon one another." 

This "repertory of constructions" was later dubbed a construction and is typically assumed to be an inhertance network. Although the idea is a generally assumed feature in constructionist theory, the internal structure of the network remains vastly understudied—except for case studies of subhierarchies of closely related constructions 

This talk will address the complex problem of handling both these aspects between constructions from the viewpoint of the Swedish Construction (SweCon). SweCon is a database of Swedish construction descriptions, in other words, an attempt at a practical application of the theoretical notion of construction. It is a resource under deveopment and currently in the process of evolving from a construction dictionary to a construction network.

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