SoCALLT - TexFLEC Conference

A dual conference in language education

Fri, April 15, 2011 | McComb's School of Business Building

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday and Saturday, April 15-16
McComb's School of Business Building, CBA
The University of Texas at Austin

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SOCALLT - South Central Association for Language Learning Technology
"Language Teaching and Learning in an Open World"

The South Central Association for Language Learning Technology invites SOCALLT/IALLT members and other language teaching professionals who use instructional technologies (including foreign languages, heritage languages, ESL and ASL) to participate in our next annual meeting.

Proposals should address issues and innovations in technology-enhanced language instruction. We encourage participation from colleagues at universities, community colleges and K-12 institutions. SOCALLT regularly publishes proceedings of the conferences (search in under "SOCALLT"), and all presenters are encouraged to submit their presentations in writing for publication in the proceedings.

Please see the UT COERLL website for more information on SoCALLT and submissions to this conference.

TexFLEC - Texas Foreign Language Education Conference
''Language Education across the Academic Pipeline''

The "academic pipeline" is a metaphor that education researchers have used to describe the flow of students from primary schools through higher education. The academic pipeline relates to ?vertical articulation,? discussed in Foreign Language Education research to refer to the direction of curricula across levels of school.

This year's conference will address crucial questions about the academic pipeline for ELLs and foreign language learners: To what extent does K-12 language education prepare students to transition smoothly to college and higher education opportunities? What evaluative and pedagogical practices within and among schools provide continuity and support for students as they navigate through their academic careers? What factors cause students to "leak out" of the educational system and/or out of language studies?

Presenting as the conference keynote speaker, Dr. Linda Harklau from the University of Georgia will be discussing the transition of English language learners from high school to college. Round table and panel sessions will also discuss language policy and English and foreign language pipelines specifically. TexFLEC regularly publishes conference proceedings in Texas Papers in Foreign Language Education (TPFLE), the journal of UT's Foreign Language Education Program.

Please see the TexFLEC website for more registration information.
A detailed agenda will be available soon.

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