FLAC Initiative

The University of Texas at Austin’s Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC) initiative is a curricular enrichment program that provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to use their skills in languages other than English in their non-language core curricula.

FLAC courses are special one-credit optional sections that are attached to a variety of academic courses offered by departments in colleges across the university. Their goal is to give students the opportunity to apply their linguistic skills in order to expand their studies into the main course’s material, as well as to develop their fluency in the target language.

FLAC courses are therefore not specifically language courses, instead they have a cultural focus and use the relevant foreign language to complement instruction: the only features of language that are explicitly taught are conventions of academic discourse in the target language. Credit for FLAC participation is awarded independently of the main academic course.  

FLAC courses are aimed at students whose fluency is at a novice-high level or above. Students may be native speakers, heritage speakers, or learners who initially had no background in the language. 

The TLC’s director, Dr. Thomas J. Garza, will assist in identifying and coordinating with the graduate student assistant instructors who are responsible for administering and conducting the FLAC sections. A FLAC section adds no additional burden to the load of the instructor of the main course.

Undergraduate students wishing to take a FLAC credit alongside one of their courses should contact the TLC during registration with details of the course and their experience with the target language.