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LTC Portfolio Program Advisory Committee

The LTC Advisory Committee comprises four faculty representatives from the University’s language programs. These faculty members serve for 2-year renewable terms.


Program Director Dr.Thomas J. Garza

Research Interests: Russian language teaching methodology/ Applied linguistics/ Contemporary Russian culture/ The Chechen wars and the media/ Post-Soviet youth culture/ Language teaching pedagogy/ Russian popular culture/ Modern Russian language/ Contemporary Russian media


Steering Committee Members

Dr. Olla Al-Shalchi

Research Interests: Language pedagogy/ The use of technology in the classroom/ Material development, learning strategies, and the cognitive load effect on learners with varying knowledge backgrounds

Dr. Nancy Guilloteau

Research Interests: Online and hybrid curriculum development/ Second language pedagogy/ Teacher training and supervision, and assessment

Dr. Orlando Kelm

Research Interests: The teaching of foreign language for professional purposes/ Use of technology in foreign language education/ Portuguese and Spanish phonetics/ Applied linguistics

Dr. David Quinto Pozos

Research Interests: Developmental signed language disorders/ Constructed action/ Language contact/ Signed-spoken language interpretation


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