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Application Process

Application Process

The first step in applying for the Moscow Plus (MP) program is to contact the Texas Language Center via email to let them know of your interest.

Next, contact Erin Brownthe Study Abroad coordinator for Moscow Plus. She will obtain some information from you and then authorize you to access the MP application. NOTE: When you are authorized, your account will be charged a $75 administrative fee by the Study Abroad office.

Once you're authorized, follow these steps to begin the application process:

  1. Go to the Study Abroad page (
  2. Click the My Abroad Portal button on the left below the navigation menu. It will prompt you for your EID, and then open a customized page for you with some personal information already filled in. 
  3. Enter additional information, such as the language being studied (Russian) and the Moscow Plus application code of 290078. 
  4. Click Submit. 
  5. Request two letters of recommendation: one from your Russian language instructor and one from a “character” reference. Please ask them to email their letters directly to Please get these to us before February 1.
  6. Write a couple of paragraphs about how participating in Moscow Plus will further your academic and personal goals, and then email the essay to
  7. We might be submitting a group version of this form, so hold off on this step for now. Complete a Restricted Regions Travel Request-Category 1, 2, 3 form. Drop it off at the TLC or email a scanned version to the TLC, and we will request your Chair's and Dean's signatures, and then email it to The Texas Language Center will provide you with a template for this form if you would like one.
  8. Make sure you have a passport that is valid through January 2022 (yes, 18 months after your scheduled return from Russia). 


Please contact the Texas Language Center, or Erin Brownthe Study Abroad coordinator for Moscow Plus, if you have any questions!