TLC Special Meritorious Service Award Winner Announced

Mon, May 9, 2011


The Special Meritorious Service Award is designated for individuals who have demonstrated a career of outstanding teaching in foreign languages at the University of Texas. Nominations for such an award may come either from the language department chair or from the dean's office. As this is a special award for individuals who have dedicated their academic careers to the profession at UT, it will be given only when a deserving nomination is made. The TLC is proud to announce Professor Jane Lippmann as the recipient of the Special Meritorious Service Award.

In a letter of support for the Texas Language Center teaching awards, Dr. Daniela Bini, Chair of French and Italian, described Dr. Lippmann as a veteran of the French language. "She has created, restructured and taught the intensive 604 for any years," Dr. Bini said, "and was one of the first ones to introduce and develop technology in language instruction, for which she was awarded several prizes from ITS."

Dr. Lippmann describes her own teaching philosophy as "high standards with a human touch," a philosophy reflected in the praise of her students, who, in their letters of recommendation, frequently highlighted her welcoming personality and the great impact she had on each of their lives.

One student writes, "It is clear that Professor Lippmann takes great delight in teaching and that she leaves a lasting impact on any student who enters her classroom. She exudes creativity and passion in her work, and she exhibits uncommon attention to both the academic progress and personal well-being of her students."

"Dr. Lippmann was far more than just a professor," explains another student. "She was and will forever continue to be one of the grandest models known to any individual who ever met her or took her classes."

Although Dr. Lippmann is retiring this year, the students and faculty whose lives she has touched rest assured that, as another student writes, "she has started a legacy that will forever live on; one that will travel far beyond the borders of this city, state, and nation--far away into France, Algiers, and beyond."


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