2012 Professional Development Awards for UT Foreign Language Instructors

Mon, February 27, 2012
2012 Professional Development Awards for UT Foreign Language Instructors

The Texas Language Center is pleased to announce a call for proposals to develop teaching materials, syllabi, or curricula for language classes taught at the University.  These mini-grants are specifically for practicing instructors - at any rank - of languages other than English.  The recipients of these grants will be invited to present the results of their grant work to language teaching faculty and students at one of the TLC's monthly Language Matters talks.  Preference will be given to projects that will have immediate impact on students in UT language courses.  Grant awards will range from $500 - $2000, depending on the scope of the proposed project.

Awards available for use at any time during the period April 1 - August 31, 2012

The program of awards aims to support language teaching faculty to enhance to improve instructions by supporting:

1) compensation for time spent creating new teaching materials or revising existing curriccula and syllabi;

2) the purchase of materials for classroom use to supplement instruction; and/or

3) attendance of professional conferences or workshops that will directly address classroom teaching.


Application period has ended.


For more information, please contact Amy McMillan at
(512)471-6574 or a.mcmillan@austin.utexas.edu


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