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American Sign Language


The signed language program within the Department of Linguistics has two main missions:

  • to offer language instruction in American Sign Language (ASL), and
  • to offer advanced training in research on the linguistics of signed languages.

Fulfilling the Foreign Language Requirement. Undergraduates may fulfill the College of Liberal Arts’ foreign language requirement by taking ASL courses. We encourage students to consult with their academic advisor about the requirements that are specific to their degree plan.

We offer a 3-course sequence designed to develop students’ language skill with the goal of reaching intermediate language proficiency: ASL 601D, 610D, and 311D. The titles for the courses are:

601D: ASL I Beginning, 610D: ASL II Beginning, Second Semester, 311D: ASL III Intermediate

The American Sign Language Minor is available by admission only. Students need to demonstrate an appropriate level of fluency before applying to the minor. Students may apply while they are taking ASL 610D, although such applicants will be reviewed near the end of that semester. 

Students who are accepted into the minor will be required to complete 21 semester credit hours, including the following or their equivalents:


  • ASL 601D & ASL 610D – 12 hours
  • ASL 311D – 3 hours
  • Six hours of upper-division American Sign Language – 6 hours


ASL serves as the predominant sign language within deaf communities in Anglophone North America, as well as parts of West Africa and Southeast Asia. It is believed that there are between 250,000 and 500,000 users of ASL. 

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