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Amanda J. Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder - Co-Investigator

Amanda StevensonContact: amanda.stevenson@colorado.edu

Amanda Jean Stevenson is a demographer and sociologist with expertise in quantitative policy evaluation and the analysis of massive datasets. Her research focuses on the impacts of funding changes for fertility and service delivery, restrictions on access to the courts for minors seeking judicial bypasses to access abortion care, and efforts to expand access to the full range of contraceptive methods. She co-coordinates the study evaluating the impact of HB 3994, which restricted judicial bypass for minor teens seeking abortion care without parental consent.

Amanda has 10 years of experience in the evaluation of public health programs and policies. In her research, she uses demographic methods to study the impacts of reproductive health policies, and computational methods to study social responses to these policies.

Her dissertation uses Twitter responses to Texas' 2013 abortion restrictions to examine the microsociological processes that gave rise to and sustained a massive online conversation about abortion in Texas. She focuses on describing the conversation and its participants, characterizing the emotional composition of the conversation, and investigating the role of emotions in supporting engagement. She also studies the role of emotions and relationships in transmitting radical frames to movement elites.

Outside the office, Amanda can be found baking more pies than her friends can eat or carrying a big backpack down a mountain trail in the American West.

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