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Gracia Sierra, Statistician, The University of Texas at Austin

gracia sierra Contact: gracia.sierra@utexas.edu

Gracia Sierra holds a PhD in Sociology with specializations in Demography and Population Health from The University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree in Economics from Duke University. Her work focuses on performing quantitative analysis of data to examine delays in abortion and how these delays have changed in the presence of barriers in access to abortion in Texas. She also performs statistical analysis of data to determine if there have been changes in the preferences for medical/surgical abortion over time focusing on understanding what factors are responsible for that change.

She is interested in health and health disparities particularly among infants, children, and mothers. While specializing in demography at UT Austin, she conducted research on the educational gradient of overall and cause-specific infant mortality in the US and how the variability in the gradient led to the existence of the Hispanic infant mortality paradox.

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