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Natasha Mevs-Korff, Former Social Science Research Associate I, University of Texas at Austin

Natasha Mevs-KorffContact: nmevskorff@prc.utexas.edu

Natasha Mevs-Korff is a bilingual Social Science Research Associate for the two-site Postpartum Contraception Study of the Texas Policy Evaluation Project. Along with her co-interviewer, Chloe Dillaway, Natasha recruited 400 English- and Spanish-speaking participants at St. David’s Medical Center; she will conduct follow-up interviews with each participant for 24 months following delivery. In addition to interviewing, Natasha also assists in the development of the research instruments and is currently helping to manage the PPC data.

Natasha received her bachelor’s in geography and Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin in December 2011. She brings to the study her experience serving minority families from the Austin community through her work with social justice organizations.  In her internship with Worker’s Defense Project, Natasha conducted interviews with construction and service industry immigrant workers who suffered workplace injuries without receiving compensation from their employers. At PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources), she participated in an educational advocacy listening program with minority families from East Austin.  This project involved documenting parents’ concerns about the schooling and opportunities available for their children and teaching them to advocate for themselves. At Growing Roots, she provided administrative support and developed resources for low-income Spanish- and English-speaking families with special needs children.

The Postpartum Contraception Study is Natasha’s first academic research position. When not at work, she loves to dance, sing, ride her bike and listen to salsa and Afrobeat.