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Abortion Wait Time Increasing--New TxPEP Research

Mon, October 5, 2015
Abortion Wait Time Increasing--New TxPEP Research
Wait time chart.

A TxPEP study has shown that as abortion wait time increases, second trimester abortion could double. The amount of time women have to wait before they can get an appointment at an abortion clinic in Texas has increased. Wait times have gotten particularly long in Dallas and Ft. Worth after a large-volume clinic closed in June 2015, with women having to wait up to 20 days on average in these cities. There were 8 facilities providing abortion care in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area in April 2013; now there are only 4. Wait times have also been as long as 20 days at some clinics in Austin, while wait times have been stable and short in Houston and San Antonio.


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