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"Trump is Wrong on Abortion and Roe v. Wade," New TxPEP Op-Ed in USA Today

Wed, January 18, 2017
An op-ed by Daniel Grossman has been published in USA Today.

A new op-ed from TxPEP Investigator Daniel Grossman entitled "Trump is Wrong on Abortion and Roe v. Wade" has been published in USA Today. In the op-ed, Grossman discusses Trump's comments about reversing Roe v. Wade in the context of recent abortion research, including last week's TxPEP study connecting the change in distance from abortion clinics to lower rates of abortion. Grossman writes, "The fall of Roe would not affect all women equally. Women who are young, Black, Latina, or low-income all have higher rates of unintended pregnancy. These are the populations who would be most affected by the loss of Roe, since wealthy women will be able to travel wherever necessary to get the medical care they need." 

Read the full op-ed on the TxPEP website or see the USA Today website

Published January 23, 2017. 

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