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Abortion Safety and Self-Induction

The Potential Impacts of Texas’ Executive Order on Patients’ Access to Abortion Care
March 2020   |   Research Brief

txpep logoResearch Shows Teens Seeking Judicial Bypass for Abortion Demonstrate Reasoned and Thoughtful Decision Making
March 2020   |   Press Release

perspectivesAdolescents Obtaining Abortion Without Parental Consent: Their Reasons and Experiences of Social Support, Kate Coleman-Minahan et al., Perspectives
March 2020   |   Journal Article

txpep logoJudges Deny Abortion Care to Teenage Girls
January 2020   |   Press Release

AJPHDenials of Judicial Bypass Petitions for Abortion in Texas Before and After the 2016 Bypass Process Change: 2001–2018, Amanda Stevenson et al., AJPH
January 2020   |   Journal Article

txpep logoTexas Abortion Patients’ Attempts to End Their Pregnancy on Their Own is Higher than the National Rate, New Study Finds
January 2020   |   Press Release

BMC Women's HealthTexas Women’s Decisions and Experiences Regarding Self-Managed Abortion, Liza Fuentes et al., BMC Women's Health
January 2020   |   Journal Article

 statesmanAustin's Funding Support of Abortions Needed Elsewhere in Texas, Kari White and Elizabeth J. Ela, Austin American-Statesman
October 2019   |   Op-Ed

 txpep logoFamily Planning and Abortion Legislation in Texas, 2011-2020
May 2019   |   Legislative Timeline

txpep logoChange in Second-Trimester Abortion After Implementation of a Restrictive State Law
March 2019   |   Press Release

Obstetrics & GynecologyChange in Second-Trimester Abortion After Implementation of a Restrictive State Law, Kari White et al., Obstetrics & Gynecology
March 2019   |   Journal Article

contraceptionChallenging Unintended Pregnancy as an Indicator of Reproductive Autonomy, Joseph Potter et al., Contraception
March 2019   |   Journal Article

txpep logoRebound of Medication Abortion in Texas Following Updated Mifepristone Label
February 2019   |   Press Release

contraceptionRebound of Medication Abortion in Texas Following Updated Mifepristone Label, Sarah Baum et al., Contraception
February 2019   |   Journal Article

txpepResearch Finds Adverse Impact of Proposed Title X Guidelines on Abortion Counseling and Referrals
October 2018   |   Press Release

contraceptionCounseling and Referrals for Women with Unplanned Pregnancies at Publicly Funded Family Planning Organizations in Texas, Kari White et al., Contraception
October 2018  |  Journal Article

The Process of Seeking a Judicial Bypass for Abortion May Harm Adolescents, (published by the Scholars Strategy Network)
September 2018   |   Research Brief

austin-american-statesmenHow Texas Shames Teens Who Seek an Abortion, Kate Coleman-Minahan, Austin-American Statesman
September 2018   |   Op-Ed

txpepAdolescents Seeking Abortion without a Parent’s Consent Face Numerous Legal Hurdles and Emotional Consequences
October 2018   |   Press Release

journal_adohealthYoung Women’s Experiences Obtaining Judicial Bypass for Abortion in Texas,  Kate Coleman-Minahan et. al, Journal of Adolescent Health
September 2018   |   Journal Article

The Impact of Information about Abortion Safety on Texas Voters’ Opinions about Restrictive Laws (published by UT Austin Population Research Center)
February 2018   |   Research Brief

txpepResearch Finds Abortion Safety Information May Reduce Support for Restrictive Laws
September 2017   |   Press Release

contraceptionDoes Information about Abortion Safety Affect Texas Voters' Opinions about Restrictive Laws? A Randomized Study, Kari White et al., Contraception
August 2017  |  Journal Article

dmnWhere is the Corporate Outrage About Restricting Women's Health Care?, Daniel Grossman, Dallas Morning News
August 2017  |  Op-Ed

Journal Family PlanningSexual and Reproductive Health Under the Trump Presidency: Policy Change Threatens Women in the USA and Worldwide
April 2017  |  Related Journal Article

statesmanState’s ‘Woman’s Right to Know’ Booklet is Lacking, Daniel Grossman, Austin American-Statesman
August 2016   |   Op-Ed

txpepLetter to Texas Department of State Health Services on the "Woman's Right to Know" Booklet
July 2016   |   Official Correspondence

HCMisinformation Skews Public Support for Abortion Laws, Kari White and Joseph Potter, Houston Chronicle
May 2016   |   Op-Ed

txpepTexas Women Lack Knowledge of Recent Abortion Restrictions, Do Not Support HB2
May 2016   |   Press Release

perspectivesWomen's Knowledge of and Support for Abortion Restrictions in Texas: Findings from a Statewide Representative Survey, Kari White et al., Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
April 2016   |   Journal Article

HCThe New Face of Self-Induced Abortion- In Texas and Beyond, Daniel Grossman, The Houston Chronicle
January 2016   |   Op-Ed

txpepStudy Finds At Least 100,000 Texas Women Have Attempted to Self-Induce Abortion
November 2015   |   Press Release

Knowledge, Opinion and Experience Related to Abortion Self-Induction in Texas
November 2015   |   Research Brief

Texas Women's Experiences Attempting Self-Induced Abortion in Texas
November 2015   |   Research Brief

newsweekHampering This Safe Abortion Method is Cruel and Wrong, Daniel Grossman, Newsweek
September 2015   |   Op-Ed

txpep35 Years of Medical Research Shows Abortion Safety Will Not Improve with HB2 Requirements
September 2015   |   Press Release

contraceptionComplications from First-Trimester Aspiration Abortion: A Systematic Review of the Literature, Kari White et al., Contraception
July 2015   |   Journal Article

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