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Impact of Family Planning Legislation

txpep logoLetter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Regarding Proposed Changes to Title X
July 2018  |  Official Correspondence

Trump's New Title X Plan Requires Ineffective Birth Control Most Women Don't Want, Katherine Strandberg and Kristine Hopkins, USA Today
June 2018  |  Op-Ed

statesmanReligious Exemptions Come at the Expense of Women's Health, Kristine Hopkins, Austin American-Statesman 
November 2017  |  Op-Ed

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New Research Details the Challenges of Integrating Family Planning and Primary Care in Texas
October 2017  |  Press Release

HSRProviding Family Planning Services at Primary Care Organizations after the Exclusion of Planned Parenthood from Publicly Funded Programs in Texas: Early Qualitative Evidence
October 2017  |  Journal Article

txpep logoLetter to Texas Health and Human Services Commission Regarding the Healthy Texas Women 1115 Demonstration Waiver
June 2017  |  Official Correspondence

WaPoDefunding Planned Parenthood was a Disaster in Texas. Congress Shouldn't Do It Nationally, Joseph Potter and Kari White, The Washington Post 
February 2017  |  Op-Ed

txpep logoFamily Planning and Abortion Legislation in Texas, 2011-2017
December 2016   |   Legislative Timeline

txpep logoThe Consolidation and Expansion of Women's Health Programs at the Health and Human Services Commission (White), prepared for the Texas Senate HHSC
September 2016  
|  Legislative Testimony

txpep logoThe Consolidation and Expansion of Women's Health Programs at the Health and Human Services Commission, prepared for the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee
September 2016  |  Legislative Testimony

statesmanTexas Needs to Restore Family Planning Infrastructure, Joseph Potter and Kari White, Austin American-Statesman 
August 2016  |  Op-Ed

HAIs There Any Room Left for Empirical Research on Family Planning? Joseph Potter and Amanda Stevenson, Health Affairs Blog
June 2016  |  Op-Ed

MSNBCAnalysis: Abortion Clinic Closures Increase Burdens for Texas Women Caitlin Gerdts, MSNBC 
April 2016  |  Op-Ed

newsweekThe Sudden Slump in Abortions in Texas Explained, Daniel Grossman, Newsweek
April 2016  |  Op-Ed 

HAWhole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt: Quantifying The Case’s Potential Impact On Abortion Access And Women’s Health, Daniel Grossman, Health Affairs Blog
March 2016  |  Op-Ed 

txpep logoNew Research Shows the Impact of Defunding Planned Parenthood 
February 2016  |  Press Release

NEJMEffect of Removal of Planned Parenthood from the Texas Women's Health Program, Amanda J. Stevenson et al., New England Journal of Medicine
February 2016  |  Journal Article

contraceptionWomen's Experiences After Planned Parenthood's Exclusion from a Family Planning Program in Texas, Junda Woo et al., Contraception
December 2015  |  Journal Article

txpep logoFamily Planning Funds Shift, Physicians May Not Be Ready
October 2015  |  Press Release

dmnWhat Texas’ Experience Tells Us About Planned Parenthood Defunding Plan, Joseph Potter, Dallas Morning News 
August 2015  |  Op-Ed

Texas Family Physicians and Family Planning: Results From a Statewide Survey, Bhavik Kumar
July 2015  |  Related Research

Barriers to Family Planning Access in Texas: Evidence from a Statewide Representative Survey
May 2015  |  Research Brief

txpep logo2011 Texas Legislation Lead to Family Planning Clinic Closures, Reduced Services, and Uncertain Future 
April 2015  |  Press Release 

Family Planning and Primary Health Care Programs in Texas: How Well Are They Working? 
March 2015  |  Research Brief

ajphThe Impact of Reproductive Health Legislation on Family Planning Clinic Services in Texas, Kari White et al., American Journal of Public Health
March 2015  |  Journal Article

perspectivesWomen's Experiences Seeking Publicly Funded Family Planning Services in Texas, Kristine Hopkins et al., Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
January 2015  |  Journal Article

txpep logoSunset Advisory Commission Health and Human Services Commission and System Issues, prepared for Sunset Advisory Health and Human Services Commission Hearing 
November 2014  |  Legislative Testimony

txpep logoEvidence-based Recommendations to Improve the Provision of Contraception in Texas, prepared for Senate Health and Human Services Committee Hearing 
March 2014  |  Legislative Testimony

statesmanLegislators Should Seize Opportunity To Restore Family Planning Budget Cuts, Joseph Potter, Austin-American Statesman
April 2013  |  Op-Ed

Survey of Reproductive Health Clinics in Texas 
April 2013  |  Research Brief

NEJMCutting Family Planning in Texas, Kari White, Daniel Grossman, Kristine Hopkins, Joseph E. Potter, New England Journal of Medicine
September 2012  |  Journal Article