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My time in the UTeach program was wonderful. I was able to experience various classroom cultures in a way that prepared me for my future career. I taught and observed at a variety of schools and I really believe that these experiences prepared me far more than many other first year teachers that I met. Many programs do not offer the breadth and depth of which UTeach offers. 

I made long lasting friendships and connections that are still important to me today. My classwork made sure that I was well aware of a myriad of education related topics including GT education, educational psychology and special education. 

I teach AP US History and AP Art History at a 6a high school in North Dallas. I have taught for 13 years and went on to earn a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Gifted Education from UNT. 

I love teaching for two reasons. The first is that my students are sunshine in a dark world and they are energetic, bright and fun.  I have met incredible students who will truly change the world! Secondly, I get to talk about my hobby. History is fun! I get to tell stories of people who upturned their worlds in incredible ways. I love it when kids tell me that something is interesting or that they've "never liked history before". That's a challenge!

My present challenge is modifying my curriculum to meet my students where they are while still challenging them and maintaining high expectations. My students are coming with fewer skills and often have a lot of needs outside of school that make their lives hard. I am constantly changing what I'm doing in a way that I hope benefits every single learner in my class.