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By investing in the UTeach-Liberal Arts program and/or College of Liberal Arts, you can provide opportunities to students and faculty through either planned giving or outright gifts that often carry special tax incentives.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and seek your guidance in assisting UTeach-LA and the College. Please read below about one of our award recipients who has benefited from your generosity. 



What aspect of teaching are you most passionate about?

When I decided to become a teacher, I thought the thing I would love most about teaching would be talking about books and writing all day. That was before I spent any time in the classroom. And though I still love books and writing, now that I'm in my student teaching semester I realize that the thing I love the most about teaching is the kids. The relationships you build with them are foundational. Without the relationships and the trust you build, the academics have nothing to stand on. Not to mention, I want to spend my life fostering learning for individual people I care about, not just "students." 



Candice is also a recipient of our Friends of UTeach-Liberal Arts Scholarship. Thank you to those who have donated to this scholarship to help our students defray the costs during the student teaching semester. To find out more about scholarships available to our students, please visit our scholarship page.

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