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UTeach-Liberal Arts certifies students to teach middle or high school English, Languages Other Than English, Social Studies, or History.  Our graduates are extremely prepared to enter the teaching profession:

Classroom Experience

The UTeach-Liberal Arts program emphasizes practical, hands-on field experience in public school classrooms throughout the length of the program.  Each of our graduates emerges from the program with four semesters of observations and student teaching, including:

  • 10 hours in an elementary school (7 observations, 3 teaches)
  • 20 hours in a middle school (14 observations, 6 teaches)
  • 45 hours in a high school (36 observations, 9 teaches)
  • One semester of full-time student teaching in a high school or middle school

During their practice teaching, students receive feedback not only from their mentor teacher, but also from university observers who are master teachers with decades of classroom experience.

Strong Knowledge Base

Our students receive instruction from experienced master teachers at The University of Texas at Austin in pedagogy tailored to their subject area, and design all the lessons that they practice-teach.  All our students major in the subject area they are going to teach and thus have high content knowledge.   They also take coursework in Individual Differences and in Adolescent Development.

Posting Job Opportunities:

Please contact our office if you have job opportunities that you would like to share with us. Call 512-232-2789 or send us an email with the following information.

  • School District
  • School
  • Subject Area and Level
  • Job Description (full-time sub, or permanent, etc.)
  • Contact Information

If you would like to sign up with the College of Liberal Arts Career Services to post your job opportunities, please click here. We also encourage you to visit the HIREUTEXAS webpage to post your position to the university-wide job board.