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Program Requirements

To enter the program and enroll in UTL 101 (Introduction to the Teaching Profession) and UTL 202 (Introduction to Teaching in the Middle School):
  • Successful admission to the UTeach-Liberal Arts Post-Baccalaureate program
  • Attend mandatory UTeach-LA New Student Orientation*
  • Competence in major or certification area, and
  • Prepare to purchase your laptop

To enroll in UTL 640 (Teaching in Secondary Schools):
  • Maintain overall GPA of 3.00, and GPA of 3.00 in your certification area,
  • Grade of at least B in both UTL 101 and UTL 202, and
  • Successful admission into the Professional Development Sequence (PDS)
  • Have your laptop

To enroll in UTL 360 (Problems and Principles of Secondary Education), and UTL 670 (Directed Teaching in Secondary Schools):
  • Maintain overall GPA of 3.00, and GPA of 3.00 in your certification area,
  • Grade of at least B in UTL 640, and
  • Successful evidence of language proficiency in written and oral experiences at UT and in field-based experience

If either your overall GPA or certification area GPA does not meet the above stated requirement, you must raise it to the required level before continuing in the program.

Important note about field placement requirements:
Texas Education Code § 22.083 authorizes a school district to obtain criminal history record information from any law enforcement or criminal justice agency on applicants, employees, or volunteers of the district. All UTeach-Liberal Arts students will undergo a Criminal History Record Information check each semester they participate in a UTeach-LA course that requires field placement (UTL 101, 202, 640, 360 & 670). School districts may terminate a field placement if offenses on a student’s record do not comply with district or state policy. Criminal histories are evaluated on a case by case basis and students should review the section on National Criminal History Checks for more information. Students with questions about their record should also contact the TX Department of Public Safety.

*New Student Orientation
Required for all incoming UTeach-Liberal Arts students
UTL 101 students are required to attend the New Student Orientation at the beginning of the UTL 101 semester.  Dates vary per semester.  Your UTL 101 instructor and a UTeach advisor will notify you of the date.

**Laptop Requirement
Required for all students entering the Professional Development Sequence
A laptop computer is required beginning in UTL 640, and for the UTeach-Liberal Arts courses that follow. These laptops are available at a discount, and financial aid loan resources are available.