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Required Coursework

UTeach-LA requires that you complete all of the coursework for our certification program. A thorough evaluation of your transcripts is done to ensure that credit can be given where possible. UTeach-Liberal Arts does not give credit for current or previous teaching experience or pedagogy teaching courses from other programs. At least nine semester credit hours need to be taken at UT-Austin in your certification area.

The UTeach-Liberal Arts Program begins with four core courses taken sequentially, regardless of the semester you enter the program. Semester 2 and Semester 3 (UTL 640 and UTL 360/670) must be taken consecutively. The coursework involves consistent and continuing classroom exposure, and courses are offered during long semesters (spring and fall) only.

In addition to attending the seminars on the UT-Austin campus, UTL 101, 202, 640, 360 & 670 require field placement in schools for an increasing number of hours each semester. This means that you must allow time during the day (preferably morning) to complete this field experience. Take care to budget for more than the allotted classroom time to account for travel to and from your assigned school.

The UTeach-Liberal Arts program requires full-time class attendance during the day. UTeach-LA does not offer online, evening or distance learning courses for the pedagogy content required coursework.

Pedagogy Training: The Post-Baccalaureate Three-Semester Sequence

UTL 101 – Introduction to the Teaching Profession
UTL 202 – Introduction to Teaching in the Middle School

Seminars plus 30 hours of field experience

UTL 640 – Teaching in Secondary Schools
Seminars plus 45 hours of field experience

UTL 360 – Problems and Principles in Secondary Teaching
UTL 670 – Directed Teaching in Secondary Schools

Seventy (70) days of student teaching in a secondary school during the final semester of the UTeach-Liberal Arts program. UTL 670 is taken on a pass/fail basis; UTL 360 must be taken for a letter grade.

Developmental Coursework

ALD 322 - Individual Differences
Prerequisite: Psychology 301 or the equivalent.

EDP 363M** is now EDP 350G - Adolescent Development

EDC 339F - Adolescent Literacy
Required for students seeking English 4-8, English 7-12, and Social Studies 4-8 certification.

Content Area Coursework

Each content area has different required content area coursework that supports your professional development in teaching. Review UTeach-LA Course Requirement Handouts for specific content coursework in your area. Special attention should be paid to ensure you take the correct content area courses each semester. You may also meet with your content area advisor to review UTeach-Liberal Arts requirements.

Coursework for the UTeach-Liberal Arts program is dictated by the State Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the State Board for Educator Certification, not by University catalogs. Therefore, changes in requirements may be independent of major and university requirements and may take place at anytime.

Post-Bac Course Requirements

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