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About UTeach-Liberal Arts 

The UTeach-Liberal Arts undergraduate program is designed for liberal arts students who wish to become certified for secondary education in a liberal arts field. The program consists of at least four long-semesters of rigorous coursework and each semester requires field placements in local schools. Since the undergraduate program takes a minimum of four long-semesters to complete, sophomore year is the ideal time to begin the program. The Undergraduate Program emphasizes the UTeach-Liberal Arts philosophy of early and consistent field experience in public school classrooms.

Certification Areas

Liberal Arts Major Certification Field and Grade Level
English English 4-8 or 7-12
Rhetoric/Writing English 4-8 or 7-12
American Studies History 7-12 or Social Studies 7-12
History History 7-12, Social Studies 4-8 or 7-12
Government Social Studies 7-12
Geography Social Studies 7-12
Economics Social Studies 7-12
Arabic Arabic EC-12
Asian Cultures and Languages – Chinese Chinese EC-12
Asian Cultures and Languages – Japanese Japanese EC-12
French French EC-12
German German EC-12
Latin Latin EC-12
Classics Latin EC-12
Spanish – Language Teaching Spanish EC-12

Admissions Requirements

  • The UTeach-Liberal Arts undergraduate program requires at least a four long-semester commitment.
  • The program is open to current UT Austin undergraduates and incoming transfer students.
  • Students are eligible to enter the program second semester freshman year through senior year.
  • Admission to UTeach-Liberal Arts requires a minimum overall UT GPA of 2.5.

Application Process

  1. Complete the UTeach-Liberal Arts Undergraduate Admission Application. A program staff member will notify you about your admissions status via email within 5-10 business days of your application submission.
  2. Once Admitted, you will receive instructions on how to reserve a spot for UTL 101 "Introduction to Teaching", the first UTeach course.
  3. Once you have reserved a spot, you may register for the course during your normal registration access period. Failure to register for your spot will result in losing your reservation in UTL 101.

Post-baccalaureate applicants should refer to the Post-Baccalaureate Admissions section of our website.


Read program requirements prior to
completing the application.