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Transcript-Recognized Minor

This minor is designed for students already admitted to the UTeach-Liberal Arts Program. Please visit our website for details about admissions and program requirements.

The transcript-recognized minor in UTeach-Liberal Arts must be completed in conjunction with an approved bachelor’s degree in the College of Liberal Arts, at The University of Texas at Austin. Please visit our website for a list of UTeach-Liberal Arts Program acceptable majors.

The requirements below are for students in the 2016-2018 Undergraduate catalog and later. 

Minor Requirements:

  1. Be admitted to UTeach-Liberal Arts Program
  2. Complete UTL 101 & UTL 202
  3. Requirements to begin UTL 640:
  • 2.75 overall UT GPA,
  • 3.00 in content area,
  • Minimum grade of “B”, or better, in UTL 101 & UTL 202

Courses (15 hours):
UTL 101 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
UTL 202 Introduction to Teaching in the Middle School
UTL 640 Teaching in Secondary Schools (English, Social Studies, or LOTE)
ALD 322 Individual Differences or ALD 322-SEC Individual Differences
EDP 350G Adolescent Development

Applying for a UTeach-Liberal Arts Minor
As soon as you enter UTL 101, you may apply for the UTeach-Liberal Arts minor. For a list of minors in the college of liberal arts, click here. For more information about minor programs, click here.

How do I apply?
You may either seek help from your major advisor, or you may apply on your own. The link to apply for the minor can be found here. The UTeach-Liberal Arts minor is located under the following section:

School: Liberal Arts
Field of Study: L A
Title: UTeach-Liberal Arts