Cascade Content Management System (CMS)

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Roles for Office Web Admin


There are 3 types of Roles that content editors can have. This helps you prevent inexperienced and part-time editors (students for example) from making changes that have unforseen consequences. Examples may include moving or renaming hard-link pages (contact-us and staff) or breaking home page links to database feeds (COLA DB - Events, News, etc).

What's Needed

  1. Ability: You must have "Office Admin - Permissions" on your account to adjust or assign roles. If not, speak to your web administrator listed on your site's "Contact-Us" link.

Role Descriptions

  1. Office Editor - Content (most restrictive)
    • Edit and publish pages
    • Upload images and files
    • Access version history
    • Create or delete pages
    • Recover deleted pages from trash bin (up to 15 days)
  2. Office Editor -Move and Rename
    • Same as above but add Move pages and rename the "System Name*"
  3. Office Admin - Permissions
    • Same as above but add Provide and remove admin access


System Name vs Navigation Text

The navigation text is not the name of the folder or file.

The System Name* (under the Move/Rename tab) edits the name of the files and folders - as seen on the left in Cascade. This name also creates the URL.

The Display Name (under the Edit tab then Metadata tab) edits the text displayed in the primary navigation

IMPORTANT Changing the System Name or moving files/folders connected to the homepage and/or the COLA DB can result in broken links or missing content. This is why there is a seperate permission for moving and renaming.