Types of Access


There are two content editors that you can use to make changes to your office website, and each manages different types of content. The COLA Web Editor lets you edit news, events, course lists, and profiles, while Cascade CMS lets you edit everything else--including most page content, your site's navigation bar, and homepage banners. This page will help you learn what type of access you have in both editors, then find out if you’re able to give others access.

Editor Roles and Requesting Access to Cascade

You need one of the following roles to be able to edit content in Cascade. If your user profile doesn’t list one of these roles, or if you can’t log in to Cascade, ask your web administrator on your site’s “Contact Us” page for help getting access.

  • Office Editor - Content
  • Office Editor - Move and Rename
  • Office Admin - Permissions

...learn more about roles

Learn if You Can Give Cascade Access to Others

If you want to give or remove access from others in Cascade, you’ll need to have the "Office Admin - Permissions" role on your own Cascade account. Check to see if you have this role, then find out how to add new users to Cascade and how to give an existing user access to edit a site.

Check to see if you have admin permission:

1. Login to Cascade CMS and enter your EID in the search bar in the upper-right of the window.

2. When your user profile pops up, look for the section called “Roles” at the bottom of the page. You should see “Office Admin - Permissions” listed as your designated role. Click on your role to see what abilities you have in Cascade.

Learn What You Can Edit in the COLA Web Editor

The COLA Web Editor manages staff, faculty, and graduate student lists, profiles, events, and news. Log in to the Web Editor and check your dashboard to see which content you're able to edit.

Faculty and graduate students will be able to...

  • Manage their own profiles (including biography, interests, CV, contact information, etc.)
  • Edit course descriptions
  • Add syllabi
  • Add undergraduate research

Staff (and staff delegates) will be able to...

  • Manage all content for their site, which includes:
    • General office information
    • News
    • Events
    • Faculty lists/profiles
    • Staff lists/profiles
    • Graduate student lists/profiles
  • Add/remove users
  • Give editing permission to users by making them delegates

How to Delegate Items to Colleagues

Follow these steps to give somebody access to your office(s) in the COLA Web Editor.

Note: When you make someone a delegate, they will have access to all of your dashboard items without being publicly visible on any lists--they will have "invisible" access.

1. Log in to the COLA Web Editor and open the drop-down menu in the top-right, below your name.

2. In the top-right dropdown menu, you should see at least two categories: Dashboard (your offices) and Delegates. Choose “Delegates.”

3. Search for the UT EID of the person you want to assign your dashboard items to and click “Delegate.” You can remove anybody from your delegates anytime by clicking the remove button beside their name.

When your delegates log in to their dashboard, they will still have access to all of the items they had before, but now they’ll also see the items that you delegated to them at the bottom of their dashboard. Their screen will look like this: