Photo ID Submission

Photo ID Submission Form

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Required photograph style

  • Large portraits that appear clear and crisp are easy for us to work with, and the final id's made from these will have a professional polished look on the web.
  • It is our preference that the smallest dimension for photos be: width= 600 pixels (at 72 dpi) 
  • We will accept wider or narrower images & prefer that images not be less than 500 pixels wide.
examples good

Can I use a photo of an environment, me working, or giving a presentation? Not as a profile photo.

In the body of your text, PLEASE YES!  We love to see you promoting work and research! 
As a portrait they do not work well and lack context. 
not for profile
In general, our requirements are most like passport photo requirements in lighting, crop, and color. We do hope you smile and dress nice! Glasses are OK!
portrait examples
portrait examples more