How to Edit the Unit Information Block

Where it is located on the Site: Left Side of Page

The area of the web page that this instructional page will show you how to edit is as seen below in the red box. 

Step One: Units

Open up Cascade. In the top left-hand corner of the page make sure the tab that says “SITE:” is on “units” if it is not, click the down arrow and select it.


Select the Folder to Edit

Under the units folder, a drop-down of different folders will appear. Click on the folder that is for your website. Scroll down if you do not see yours initially. For this example, we will open up the anthropology folder.


Unit Information

Now that you have selected the appropriate folder, click on the gray text that says “unit_information”.


Step Two: Unit_Info Tabs

Tabs with different options should appear. You can click on the arrows in the red box to expand or hide content that might create visual clutter when editing a specific piece.


Click “Edit” in the top right corner in the blue box. We will first look at editing options for the chair_or_head tab.


Step Three: Chair_or_Head Editing Options


Red Star is for TEXT EDITS

Blue Star is for IMAGE EDITS

Green Star is for LINK EDITS

Here you can edit the name and title of the chair or head of the department. Under that is the option to upload a photo or delete a photo of that person. Notice that the image is a .jpg. Make sure images are exported and saved for web when uploading. Under that is a message. This allows you to add a short description and the formatting to this box is similar to Microsoft Word.

Step Four: Editing Different Tabs

Office Web Administratior

Everything in this tab is a text edit, so type in the information appropriate for the title of what the text box asks for.


Everything is a text edit except for the last box. In this box, you will upload a link to the pdf page or site page where the building map is located. 


In the social-media tab, you will type in the type of social media platform that you want. Then in the box underneath include a link of the social media profile you want to be displayed. Depending on how many social media platforms the department has, there will be that many tabs to edit. You can always add another one by clicking on the green “+” sign in the top right or if you want to delete one click the red “x”. These are located in the red box.



In the donations box place a link to the site where people can donate online.


Left Nav Related (External) Links

The Left Nav Related (External) Links is where any links not located within the site can be published. Add a descriptive title of what the link opens up to in the text box above it.

Step Five: Save and Submit

When you are done with your edits press the blue “Save & Preview” button in the red box. It is located in the top right-hand corner. 


After saving another button that reads “Submit” will need to be clicked. It is shown in the top right corner in the red box. If you need to go back and edit simply click on the edit button next to it. 

Check Content and Submit

For making sure that your edits will work when you submit you need to click the "Check Content & Submit" button in the popup window.


Broken Links

If no broken links were found you should receive a message as shown in the picture. Then click the blue checkmark in the red box as shown.

Take a Look at your Edits on the Webpage

After you are done with all your edits and submitting take a look at it within Cascade. You can do this by going back to the right-hand side of the page under your folder. Click “index”. It may take up 24 hours from submitting your changes to see it live when searched in another tab. Looking at it through cascade will allow you to see what it looks like before it updates.